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[sticky post] Introduction Post

Jun. 25th, 2013 | 09:36 am

Hi there my name is EJ. I go as EJ and only EJ. I don't enjoy any Japanese honorifics after my name because I find it strange since I am not even in Japan. However if you are Japanese, I was given a name of Rina from a range of students up in Ojiya. So I find honorifics acceptable with this particular name ^_^

Capture copy
I am 18 years old turning 19 years old at the date of 2nd of October 2014.
Learning her ass off to get the Japanese Language.
I was born in Australia however I am Filipina
I've stayed in Japan for 2 months in 2010 visiting
Ojiya, Hakata(attend classes), Kyoto and Tokyo
I do plan returning next year to see Sakura/Japanese friends and HSJ!/SxyZone
I am a Hey!Say!JUMP fan as I am growing to like Sexy Zone.
Arashi is an acceptable to me because they are just hilarious
Hey!Say!JUMP: #1 Yamada Ryosuke
#2 Chinen Yuuri & Daiki Arioka
#3 Hikaru Yaotome & Yabu Kota & Keito Okamoto
Sexy Zone: #1 Kento Nakajima & Fuma Kikuchi
Arashi: #1 Sakurai Sho & Aiba Masaki

Please add me as a friend and let's get to know eachother.
And fangirl

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オレ色?!?!What Colour?!! - Yamada Keyword

Oct. 19th, 2013 | 09:55 am
location: あたしの家♥
mood: amusedamused
music: 何ものー

Duet November 2013 Yamada Keywords ~!
I have completed another Translation which was much more smaller than the one before haha
But here :) Yamada goes through hard thinking and confusion to figure out What Colour He Is?

Owner of raw scans: takakiharu
Editting & Translation: Me

Please click on the image to enlarge and read ^_^
And Please leave a thankyou >w<
>>Pink font is my thinking<<
Dentist Yamada!!

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Potato 08.13 NYC EDITION ~ Too rebel for you look ♥

Oct. 18th, 2013 | 07:40 pm
location: あたしの家♥
mood: accomplished
music: Coffee Shop - BAP

I finally gotten myself to complete a new translation after my very long Hiatus
I am extremely attracted by the way these beautiful boys look in this new yet slightly old scans
The topic was slightly off from their rebel look but it's still enjoyable
So sorry for the delay and if any mistakes are made throughout this translation

>>All the scans are copyrighted to it's rightful owner <<

Gangsta translation
Click on Picture to enlarge \(^ 0 ^)/
Hope you enjoy

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Oct. 15th, 2013 | 10:38 am
location: あたしの家♥
mood: excitedexcited
music: That Way - Ariana Grande

Hi there everyone

Thankyou for the many friend adds throughout my Hiatus.
I don't know why though since my blog was pratically dead the whole time throughout maybe 4 mounths haha.

I came back due to
#1 I finally told myself to have a rest from a game my boyfriend got me addicted too.
#2 I had a real nice dream about Yamada Ryosuke. So I guess I miss him ahah

Hopefully when I get my hands on raw scans of Hey!Say!JUMP or Sexy Zone I will try my best
to post translations up quickly and I also would like to start doing raw video translations aswell.


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Goodmorning LJ, I want to come back.

Aug. 26th, 2013 | 08:23 am
location: あたしの家♥
mood: accomplished
music: 何ものー

It's been so busy for me...I work a total of 20 hours per week and have 3 classes on 3 different days. I just completed some of my major bits of each class and I am really relieved. Thankyou for all the sweet people who still add me when I was hiatus <3

Well hopefully, I can get some things done ~ See you later LJ ^_^

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Just a small Update ~

Jul. 26th, 2013 | 11:34 pm
location: あたしの家♥
mood: accomplished
music: 何ものー

Hi there everyone <3
Just letting you know I completed my 3 assignments in the past 2 weeks but now a cool mid-semester exam wanted to pop out of no where. So I will have to be gone to study that this week and next week. But after that week I have a week off so I will try get some translations done within that small time :)

But anyway I want to say thankyou to the new people that added me as a friend even though I have stated I was on Hiatus.
Thankyou so much <3 I will be back soon and try to get lots of translations out <3

Miss you LJ.

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No Time To Do Anything At All.

Jul. 12th, 2013 | 07:08 pm
location: Sweet Home
mood: tiredtired

Omg.... I am so busy lately!
I have 2 assignments due next week, another due the following week and then
2 other major assignments I gotta start on. School is such a let down! Since I am super busy lately because of it..
Forgive me! I won't be translating anything at all in a while.... I need to study and complete assignments.
I am very sorry! I am also busy because I just got a job at a cafe >w<

Busy Busy Me. I am sorry for anyone who is waiting for any translations....but I am now on Hiatus
Well....I am semi-hiatus since I will still try get some stuff up :) And I will reply to my inbox but for now
Bye bye ~

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Wink Up - August 2013 [NYC]

Jul. 7th, 2013 | 07:02 pm
location: あたしの家♥
mood: exhaustedexhausted
music: 何ものー

Sorry this is not Yuma or Chinen's 10 facts, ごめんなさい><
I saw this and I straight away translated it because I saw the top question was girl related so yeah...(you know my weakness haha)
But I promise you guys that I will start on the other 2 profiles soon!
**May be some mistakes, I got confused on the last few questions, so please correct me!**
Comments are appreciated too ^_^ I love comments ~ Enjoy
Resting Site
Q. 彼女の前で「いいカッコしい」は誰っぽい?
A girl who says infront of the group (NYC) [He seems cool] to whom?
Me. It's absolutely me, Me Me!
Ryosuke. The girl who is in front would choose Ryosuke, from his shadow I would see and want to say [as expected, right?]. Ryosuke would then say a joke but I cannot imagine this situation!
Yuma:オレ。知ったかもするし、たぶん強がる。そしてのち のち後悔する。
Me. Perhaps I would know this but probably it's a lie. And thus in the distant future I would regret (my choice).

Q. 超~~霊感の強い彼女。どうつきあう?
A girl who is really ~~ strong with sensing ghosts. How would you go out with her?
[It's ok. But please dont worry about it at all] I would say this to her even though I would honestly say that this is really scary. It's impossible but I would try to make a bright atmosphere.
Yuri:霊感とかまったくないので「これで幽霊と のコネクションができた!」と喜ぶ。そんな霊感の強い彼女と一緒でも見えなかったらショック!
I would not care about the her senses for the reason that, [  I have done a connection with this ghost!] I would be pleased.
This girl who is strong with sensing ghosts will be together with me even though I can't see the ghosts myself.
I also have a sense of ghost so the two of us will talk about the terrifying experiences we had. We would also accept the spirits (?)

For the sake for the girl who want's you to sing, What Johnny's Love Song?
Ryosuke: 恥ずかしいから、絶対に歌わない。ムリムリムリムリ。
But it is embarrasing, I would absolutely not sing. Impossible x 4
Yuri:嵐の「One Love]。100年先も愛を誓っちゃう。この曲大好き!この曲を好きな子の前で歌えたら、ホントに幸せ。
Arashi's One Love. In the previous 100 years, I swear to love you. I love this piece of music! I would sing this song in front of the girl I like, I would be really happy.
SMAP's Lion Heart. The 'Medicine box' which is part of the song  will be repeated by me. This part is my number one favourite!  When I was a child I couldn't understand the meaning however when I become an adult, I will understand!

In your wedding ceremony, would you call out the two members? Would you request a speech or a song for the entertainment?

Ryosuke: 呼ぶ。静かに参加されるよりは、大騒ぎして荒らしてほしい。ちなみに、スピーチはハッシー(橋本良)に頼む。絶対、笑いが取れる。
I would call them out. I want them to break into uproar from a quiet ceremony. By the way I want to request a speech from Ryosuke Hashimoto. I would absolutely start to laugh (from his speech).
Yuri: 呼ぶ!涼介にはスピーチ、優馬には二次会を盛りあげてもらう。なんだったら、ジャニーズの人たちいっぱい来てほしい!嵐に来てもらえたらうれしいけど、 きっとめちゃめちゃ忙しいだろうから、ビデオメッセージでも幸せ。ハデな結婚式がいいから、テレビで生中継もいいな。
I would call them out! Ryosuke will do the speech, Yuma would then place a speech on the after party. I do wish that a lot of Johnny people would come! If Arashi came I would be happy but surely they are very very busy, I would happy with a video message from them though.
I would call them out. I want to receive a congratulations gift from them. I want many (gifts).

If you had to pick one group to learn from, and become a group member?  What kind of things you want to do?
Ryosuke:KinKi Kids。最多人数のJUMPもやってる人間としては、二人組ってどんな感じなのかを味わってみた。NYCの3人とは、また違うはず!
KinKi Kids. Most of the members in JUMP are envious of them, I want to experience this duo sense (atmosphere). The 3 people in NYC feels would feel different!
Yuri:嵐に決まってるだ ろ!でもそれは当たり前すぎるから、嵐以外だったらA.B.C-Z! 塚ちゃんと一緒に、すごいアクロバット技に挑戦したい。
Arashi would never fail! However this is obvious point that is passed. If excluding Arashi then A.B.C-Z! Ryochan and I have an amazing Acrobatic skill, I want to have a challenge against each other.
Arashi. When we finish the concert at Japan Sport Council,  the 6 of us members cheekly will connect our hands together and say [We are Arashi~~~~~!!!!].

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Jul. 5th, 2013 | 08:32 am
location: あたしの家♥
mood: tiredtired
music: Come on a my house - HSJ

CONGRATULATIONS HEY!SAY!JUMP YOU ARE AT THE TOP OF THE ORICON CHARTS FOR SINGLES! Wow I am so proud of you~ Really keep doing your best! I bet this group is so famous now omg Seriously, congratulations >< Can't wait for another single and waiting for it to hit top once again !
Oricon #1 Hey!Say!JUMP
Now I am going to class T_T Bye bye.

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I'm BACK! Popolo August 2013 - Yamada (NYC)

Jul. 5th, 2013 | 12:03 am
location: あたしの家♥
mood: productive
music: Talking to Yusuke ~

This is a Popolo August 2013 Translation ♥♥♥♥♥
はああああーつかれたー This took longer than what it should have been but here I'M DONE AND HERE ENJOY! Now for Chinen and Yuma parts ~ omg I'm tired haha Well letting you guis now that I will post these individually because I am including the Japanese sentences once again And its with the Japanese it takes a lot of room. (and I am still a newcomer so I don't know how to make this journal looking clean with large amounts of text) どうぞ~ I love comments btw ^^
Solution and the person's explanation

問1-B 俺 (山田)
Question 1: Me (Yamada)
Yuma is a Junior so its okay that Chinen and I would give/buy (things/stuff). When ever we go out to eat, it is natural for me to pay for the meal. Its okay (that I have to pay)...however Chinen has only treated us one time. Chinen treat us! (laughs)

問2 犬
Question 2: Dog
So cute don't you think?! Inside their heads are always ideas. I took the dogs to a place with children and parents, the children led the dogs, they climbed up onto a stage, the children lifted up the dogs ears and used it like riding a rocket...hopefully the dogs made a realization ~

問3 優馬
Question 3: Yuma
Yuma really doesn't return his messages! Therefore I said [You! give me a reply~!] (laughs). After that a long message came from Yuma. Please keep this pace!

問4 2週間に1回
Question 4: 1 time in 2 weeks
I dyed my hair and immediately the colour changed to a bright colour, the frequency of dying (hair) is fair (like ok (doesn't do it often). Then I became to lose interest in the bright colour, now  I really want to dye my hair to a dark colour but...will it suit me?

問5 C 10回
Question 5: 10 times
I am surprised (laughs)? but really 1 day I brushed my teeth 10 times. Ofcourse I ate breakfast after, and had a break while also doing other things! I used a soft toothbrush. The feeling felt good~!

Question 6: Trousers
I think of it as normal but from here on, it might get a bit strange! I would only take off my trousers, I still am wearing my socks, I also am wearing my T-shirt, then for about 30 minutes I would wander around my room. (laughs)

問7 B  朝起きたら、謎のアザができていた
着替えのときに発見の形でおヘソの横にアザができたの。しかもちょっとかゆい。ぶつけた記憶もないし、虫にさされたかな? あ、触ってたら真っ赤になってきちゃった(汗)
Question 7: When waking up in the morning, I had a riddle about a bump.
During the time of changing my clothes, I made a discovery of my figure that my belly button has a bump across it. Furthermore, it was little bit itchy. I also didn't get any ideas (where it came from). Maybe there was an insect? I touched it and it became a flushed red. (worried/sweats)

問8 歯ぐき
Question 8: Teeth ridge
My teeth wasn't overly polished, I am relieved (laughes). In the morning, I went to the dentist, my teeth ridge got an anesthetic injection, it hurt so much. It somehow felt that it became a blood blister. Therefore, I will not eat any solid food.

問9 C オレンジ
Question 9: Orange
I like dark coloured clothing (Western-styled) and accessories however I think that orange is really fresh! If I work hard on something or become worried/hesitant, between these two incidents, I will think of what colour I would buy (of things). (orange) is a little bit flashy but it's become a favourite to use!

問10 免許
Question 10: License
Now I attended a training institute however... I have not yet gone back to driving I think (laughs)? It's ok, I already had training on the road, Later my license will soon be due! So I will hurry and get my license, I really want to go drive!

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